The Trouble With Harry Hay
Founder of the Modern Gay Movement
By Stuart Timmons
Foreword by Will Roscoe, PhD

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Modern Gay Rights Movement.



Martin Duberman: This engrossing, well-written book rescues Harry Hay from the realm of myth and also recovers large chunks of gay history. On both counts, it is a solid, praiseworthy achievement."

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon: There is no “Trouble with Harry.” His determined caring and searching shine like a diamond throughout his life. We need a lot more like Harry?

Jonathan Ned Katz: "Reading this amazing profile in courage often brought tears to my eyes and will, I think, deeply move a new generation, as it informs them of the enormous bravery of our libration pioneers. This life of Hay is also an original contribution to social history, the chronicle of UI.S. protest movements, and the enduring contribution of American radicals to a freer nation."



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