A James Broughton Reader

by James Broughton
Edited by Jack Foley

ISBN: 1590210212


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In a life that stretched from 1913 to 1999 James Broughton witnessed and commented on the twentieth century from the point of view of an outsider. In a time aghast at its own horrors, Broughton championed laughter. He was a poet, not of the ivory tower but of the innovative street, a playful, urban voice with the notion that a poet could change the world. In a rational century, he asserted mystery.

All: A James Broughton Reader collects the range of this acclaimed poet and filmmaker.


Alan Watts : "In company with the angels Broughton laughs with God rather than at him. Alan Watts."

Katherine Hastings: "If you are familiar with James Broughton's work, you already know you must have this book. If you have not experienced Broughton's poetry, film or journals, treat yourself. You're in for Big Joy."

Richard Labonte: "James Broughton was a poet, filmmaker, and all-around faerie for whom effervescent joy was a way of life. This rich sampler, smartly compiled with a caring touch, is a delicious introduction to the words of a shaman whose life, as much as his art, celebrated the necessity - and the fun - of love."



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